Man and his Predestination


Day changes into night and night into day. Days go in endless sequence. Many days it was until this moment. And many days and nights will replace each other yet. You suddenly realize it and feel the touch of eternity. Eternity surrounds you. You're in eternity. And then comes the moment when you begin to realize that not only you are in eternity, but eternity is within you. Suddenly you realize that you are an eternity. This idea may seem to you somewhat absurd. But then enlightenment comes. Your truth is your soul. And your soul is eternal.

But you doubt it. There are associations and issues. The first relates to the Earth and the Sun. Eternal Whether the running of the Earth around the Sun is eternal? How long will it last? What then? That's one reason for your doubts. But all this is only important for you in your physical incarnation, where life is impossible without a certain physical reality. For your soul the chain of earthly incarnations is only a certain period, in fact it is a moment in which events occur in a certain physical reality. For you have been before the Earth and will exist after it. Nothing is forever. Eternal is only eternity. And the perpetual motion. Something comes from eternity, and again dissolved in it. All is nothing. There is only eternity. And there you are - as part of that eternity.

The second concern is connected to the essence and the role of man. There are many opinions and theories on this subject, many of which are diametrically opposed. But these are only words-oriented for a certain period of time. It is possible that some of the doctrines - is brilliant reasoning. Their genius is that when the centuries pass, but they retain their validity. But they can not cover all eternity. There is no opinion, theory or doctrine that exists forever. The Millennium Will pass, or just a century, and the most brilliant truth becomes simple words. And whether those words are clear to new civilizations, or even just a generation.... And here there is a paradox. The most brilliant doctrines, for example, the whole world religions can not operate in eternity. They foreshadow the end of the world. Outcome. And the end of the world implies the end of religion. Some result of religion, after which the religion is becoming irrelevant. But this is the end only for some physical reality. And for specific doctrine. The end of moment is in eternity. But you are something very small, if we adhere to these religions. But on the other hand, you have something far greater. You can touch eternity, for eternity is inside you. You - is the eternity, and religion is something coming and going. Here the paradox, while the resolution of doubt. Breakthrough. This is not you who should serve religion, but religion should serve you. But it shall be genuine You. And then you will be able to understand your true role, realize your true nature.

The third question related to the inconsistency of the physical manifestations and the manifestations of the spiritual. Why do you need for your eternal soul, these strange physical conflict? Why this endless series of incarnations should exist? What is this? Karmic task? Improvement of the soul? All this is nothing more than words. The soul is eternal. Soul is part of Eternity. The soul can perceive the absolute truth. The soul is the Truth. And suddenly, training in a certain physical world. You can not teach Absolute Truth about a certain truth. For the Truth knows this partial truth. Knowledge of a specific embodiment will be only private, small specific characteristics of the physical world, which is something temporary. The essence of the incarnation - is the implementation of certain tasks, the performance of certain roles according to the Creativity of God. This is on the one side. On the other hand, the embodiment allows a person to show his creativity, to enrich the world with new development. The only important matter is Task, according to the Thought of God, and your own Creativity in the incarnation. All the rest is only a misunderstanding of the Purpose. We must resolve this doubt and stop fear karma. We must begin to perceive it as a philosophical concept, not as the law which stands above us. For karma - it is only a philosophical concept. As a fact - there is no karma.

Then comes the fourth question. The greatest question. Eternity and power. Frailty and weakness. The soul and physical body. Global paradox. But here everything is very simple. There is a bridge. It joins a man in his physical guise with his soul. You can walk across the bridge and be in eternity, becoming itself, becoming a part of eternity. And connect with God as the Creator of all things. And you can pass the bridge and be in a certain particular, in a certain physical world. Cognition of eternity, knowledge and knowledge of all particular. Question no. Paradox no. There is a possibility of traffic on the bridge (in both directions). And there is a hard way to learn this movement.

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Oleg Shaposhnikov

Man and his Predestination

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Copyright 2010     Oleg Shaposhnikov        Translated by Maria Zavjalova