Man, personality, individual. But how often do we see the true man, true identity, a particular individual? After all, we often see some kind of mask, put on the person. Various programs, as laid down in the consciousness as in the subconscious. Influence of past life. And often we see that in front of us there is no longer a human being, but some being settled into humanís mind through obsession. And this "squatter" is already beginning to manifest itself as the essence of man. Masks, masks, masks .... And our task is to disrupt these masks, to give a man find himself, to know their true nature, to enable people to live their lives, achieve happiness and harmony.

    Runic diagnosis and correction

Oleg Shaposhnikov



Aura essences and spirits



Etheric essences

Copyright © 2011     Oleg Shaposhnikov        Translated by Maria Zavjalova