These runic techniques are implemented with the help of Runic test or Runågraf. Runic Correction or the Path to happiness ensures the correct formation of life a person, the execution of his purpose, his acquisition of harmony and happiness.

Runic Diagnosis, or Path to Healing is designed to identify, specify and deliverance of man from all sorts of layered, alien influences, problems and ailments. As a result, man becomes himself, lives its own life, and ceases to be the executor of someone's will.

And the correction mechanism is a tool for the implementation of methods in each case.

    Runic diagnosis and correction

Oleg Shaposhnikov

Runic techniques of diagnostics and correction of the person


Runic Correction

Runic Diagnosis

Mechanisms of correction

Copyright © 2010     Oleg Shaposhnikov        Translated by Maria Zavjalova