Runic Circle, like a wheel of the Universe

World … Universe. We feel the globality of these concepts. We understand that globality and bow our head. But this bow - is more a sign of poise and a certain desperation than a sign of respect or admiration.

This is a very subtle despair. It may not be clear, specific and overwhelming. If this is so, then we turn into a herd of frightened animals. Strong and powerful, but confounded and frightened. No. The man is a man. It is an element of the Universe. He is - an incredibly small part, but he is an operating element. He is a kind of unit. That unit has certain autonomy. And this independence is reflected in the fact that each person has their own Purpose. And this independence expressed in the fact that a person expresses himself in Creation. Not necessarily, that he composes the text of the future world-famous song, or writes a book, or creates some other masterpiece. Perhaps he just brilliantly keeps silence at the moment when he is expected words, and because of the fact that this silence was, someone would think of a brilliant idea.... One Creativity led to another Creativity. And although the second Creativity will be a clear and specific, but it has become possible because of the genius of silence.... Therefore, a man must feel like a man and he can not afford to dissolve in a loss to the global Universe, and only feels this globality, with a subtle desperation.

Yes, there is despair. And the confusion is. Too much is the globality of the world. And it is too difficult to understand. And the more we try to research it, the more it is incomprehensible, and the more it is global. No limit. We can only bow our head. Somewhere in the depths of our self. Bow and try not to think about it. Otherwise, the mind, consciousness will be in danger. Otherwise, the thought of it can begin to multiply, multiply, and then taking the whole man and his mind can not cope with the flow of these thoughts.

But these thoughts sometimes appear. Especially when something goes wrong and sometimes not only something but all rolls in.... And then what we can do? Where all these thoughts can bring us? But there is a certain truth, which is Salvation. World is God's creation. God is everything and you should just find a way to God and dissolve in it. Come back home. That's the way out. And at a certain stage of development - this is the output, which is the correct and optimal.

But the main mission of man is Development. And it is God who defined this purpose. And on certain stage of development, people shall not try to hide "home" but actively operate on himself. To understand this more clearly, we consider some example. Once people saw the world around us and the items to the naked eye, then he invented optical instruments, in particular microscope and telescope, and saw disproportionately, and knew the essence of a great deal. It is also possible to see and very small particles of the universe and a better look very large, to know the structure and very small and very large. This process is now, and people can see and learn more and more. And he, a man who not only knows, he has already operates in the new areas for him.

But there is a sphere, where people do not have access. Rather certain representatives of humanity have, but we are now talking about a kind of popularization of knowledge about mass knowledge. Therefore we speak about rare people. This was called the occult, esoteric knowledge, magic.... But it is also subject to a kind of globality. Let's pay attention to it. It is very important! Something like that.... Unknown.... And all this is individual and global.... It is some way which differs from dissolution in God. Path of the few.... Loneliness of magicians....

Why should a man possess such knowledge? Why do people seek to go there? He operates with the latest technology, flying into space, sinks to the bottom of the ocean, and has a powerful weapon. It’s giant power. Yes, a gigantic power. And children's helplessness.... Somebody can have access to the nuclear button, and can destroy the entire planet, he has enormous power. And this person may have problems that he is unable to resolve. All is at his disposal vast resources, everything, but.... And what can we say about ordinary people.... Intellect, hard working person is without a job.... A healthy, thriving man is affected and the disease progresses. And it can not be cured, despite all the achievements of medicine. You love someone and that someone loves quite another, and, in addition to everything you, and that someone marry with perfectly other people. Someone is coming, and a brick drops at his head.... Huge power and children's helplessness.... And the more power, the more helpless! This happens because the new features give rise to new problems that can not be resolved. The huge technological breakthrough, gives rise to an ecological catastrophe. Nothing has changed from pharaonic times. We can operate in a certain physical world. We are powerful, we have great opportunities. But all our plans can collapse completely in the "scratch". Everything is provided and calculated, but .... Why?

And everything is very simple. We operate in our calculations by some constants. It is immutable, stable value. We operate by certain laws. Suppose we have two laws. There is one law of mathematics, and other is physical. And together these two laws work and clearly working. And will work. And if there are other laws and there are lots of them? And except mathematics and physics there exist lots and lots of spheres, too much? Singly or in small quantities it works. This is clearly expressed particular. But as soon as we are faced with the law of large numbers.... Here and the conflict starts. Imagine some project. Everything is calculated, absolutely. And at the last moment the chief developer.... Brick on the head? Why so gloomy.... He just drops out of nowhere. Naturally, a complex fracture.... His deputy is trying to introduce his idea.... Then you already can understand yourself. Why? What is the difference? Two laws of the two areas (two of the absolute law) - is a certain particularity. And 2000000000000 laws (absolute laws) of the two hundred areas - is a certain commonality. What is different between the particular and the community? The particular - is something with no dynamics and development. Without a strategy, without certain laws of the universe. But the community is subject not only to the absolute ordinary laws, the laws of our reality, but also the laws of the universe. And we do not know these laws!! And our calculation.... We know everything 2000000000000 absolute laws of our reality, and know how to apply them - that's our power. But we do not know the laws of the universe - that's our helplessness....

Occultisms, esoteric and magic try to learn these laws and learn how to use them. Let it be. Let esoteric and magicians and work in this area. Physicists, mathematicians, chemists, and others work in the existing reality, and magicians provide understanding of the Laws of the Universe. This is a certain Specialization. But this will not work. Why? Because in such a case magicians and esoteric acquire some governing status. Priesthood. It used to be. But it gone, "did not take root." Why? On the one hand it leads to stagnation of ordinary people, on the other side there is some interference in the Highest law. Someone always tries to become the new god and try to become one step with God.

But there is another way. This is learning by mankind of Laws of the Universe. In this case development of mankind is going on, and there will not be attacks on the supreme law. The only thing remaining is to make available to mankind the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe. Then people would not "stumble on an even keel" position, will not go blindly, not knowing the development strategy. And despair and confusion will be replaced by optimism and joy. But this is a real optimism and well-deserved joy.

How? All become magicians? Absolutely not. The fact is that the occult is considering laws of the universe as a kind of closed system, to know that can only be fully and immediately. Once again we are confronted with some globalism, and despair, and confusion. But these are despair and confusion of an esoteric. We repeat the above, but on another level, and in another area. But we can "solve" the system by "opening" the black box. To get an idea how to do this, let’s consider a sample.

There is a certain language. Languages. Some people speak the language. But at some point there is writing. And you can not only talk but also to record what was said. For this there is the alphabet. And all the words of the language are based on this alphabet. And then read what was written. How this system will look like in terms of the savage? Similarly it is in our case. We need a language of communication. The Universe does not understand our terms, words and concepts. And we do not understand the information of the universe which is extremely important to us. And naturally, we can not "put down". We do not know the alphabet; we do not know the script. But what about the laws of the universe? The fact is that the alphabet of universe is not a simple alphabet. This alphabet as a sequence of characters, implements laws of the universe. Thus, it is not just the alphabet as the basis of a certain language, but already some System.

One of these systems, we are considering now. This is Runic system. The fact is that each rune symbol - each rune, not only a sign of the Elder Futhark, which is in a first approximation can be regarded as the runic alphabet. Each rune also occupies a definite place in Runic Circle, which is a kind of Wheel of the World, through which strategy of the Universe is being implemented. Any process is developed by this strategy. If we understand the philosophy of Runic Circle, then we will understand the philosophy of the Universe. If we know the motion of the wheels of the world, we know the laws of the Universe. And only then we will be able to operate under these laws. And then helplessness will go away, and power will be used optimally, in commensurate and timely manner.

Now we consider all the Elder Futhark runes according to their place in the runic circle. We will comprehend the strategy of the universe.


Rune Fehu considered from the point of view of the original creative idea, in terms of creative energy. This energy, energy from the initial push, born in the previous cycle, appeared to undergo a cycle and reappear. And all this happens not for the sake of some goal that is being achieved in this cycle, but for the existence of this cycle. This is energy of eternity, a comprehensive energy. This is a pure concept of action. Fehu, initiates a new movement. It begins a new cycle, a new stage. And it allows this phase to be. It creates the conditions for this. This is the Movement. For Rune System - Rune Fehu - this is the gyre of the System and simultaneously access the system. Rune Fehu is a keeper of the Movement. This is something that prevents from stop the movement in the universe. Nothing is eternal. Any process gives rise to a new process within its depths. Any thing, no matter how perfect it seems to be will go into oblivion after giving impetus to the development of something new. In the prosperous result of any process already there is initiating of a new process and the completion of the first process. And it is incorporated from the beginning! Beginning the process, we must understand that over time this process will replace the new process. And so on.

But it is wrong to think that Perpetual Motion is carried out on principle - just would not stop. Running for the sake of running. Running in a circle. No. This should be done in a spiral. And Runa Fehu - is an absolute and a cold-blooded calculation. Tough and uncompromising. If some masterpiece prevents further development, it will be destroyed. Despite the fact that this is a masterpiece. And if some civilization "went into its development to a wrong direction”.... All is calculated. The original creative concept - it is not just an idea "thrown" into the world, even the most brilliant. No. This idea is only one element. Of course, this is important; it is even the most important element. But this is only an element. The idea must be carefully timed, analyzed, and to some extent be consistent with higher laws. The more global concept, the more consistency needed. Do not mock and ask to which supreme law the idea of man who took a brush to paint a picture shall conform to. But when it comes to major processes, especially very large processes, and even global processes, the above line is a critical element. And again I repeat, - analysis, calculation, a detailed strategy of realizing the idea. Without this element - the idea – remains just an idea, not the original creative idea.


The power and the strength. This is a neutral force. There is nor ideology, nor morals. The meaning of this force is valid within itself. Of course, this is enormous energy. This is absolute power. In which way this power will be used depends on the person operating this power by using the rune. Accordingly the person who appealed to this force is the one responsible for the result. This is the mechanism of the original creative intent implementation. Not only is there no need for any rethinking of the idea, correction, or any additions, on the contrary, it's unacceptable. The plan must be implemented without any distortion. It must be absolute correspondence. This force must be as obedient to the order and to fulfill the order as accurately as possible. This is a mighty force that turns the idea into concrete form and structure. This is the energy of creation, obedient to the original creative idea. It embodies the idea into a specific thing in a particular location. This is force, which knows no measure. And it must be incredibly strong and powerful.

And if it was brought to life, it is not be calmed or "pushed back". The original creative intent is launched. And the power of Uruz already has already poured into the space, trying to fill this space, take a maximum of space for the implementation of the plan. And filling the space, it proves dominating of the intention within the filled space. Because for now it is only the idea what has any importance.


A new stage, a process, a new coil started. It happens in a kind of space. It's a physical space (territory), and in the virtual space (consciousness of society, the various ideological systems), or in any other space. Uruz - poured some energy, force. It filled that it could fill. But we must bear in mind that before this, and at this point in this space, there was a certain order. For the new phase, initiated by rune Fehu this is not the order any more, there is chaos. Clearly, once and for someone it was the order and this order was to remain the order. Naturally, this strange order to some extent (and even to a large extent) was changed by Uruz. But this strange order still exists. Or, if this order is weak and Uruz dared it, then the chaos begins. In any case for a new stage, we have chaos. And it is time to create new order and eliminate chaos. There is another aspect. There is an idea and there is space as the sphere of application of the idea. And it is rather vague in which way the implementation of the idea within this space will go… The reaction of the environment to the idea is unpredictable. Chaos has started and Uruz can not cope with it. The stronger the pressure – the more chaos there will be. Order shall be restored by the “iron hand”. And naturally the conquered space shall be enclosed. The boundaries of the space must be fixed. Next point. Uruz conquered the space but centers of resistance still exist. They shall be eliminated (by bringing chaos into their order.) Without any compromise. No ideology of the past order can remain. It may be the next question: Why we can not first move forward Thurisaz, and then enter Uruz? For a lot of time and energy had been squandered in vain. This is impossible. For the Thurisaz conversion we need power, controlled power and energy. For need power, controlled power and energy conversion Thurisaz. This is, first. Secondly - the space shall be occupied. It shall be occupied with its energy. If you destroy another’s energy, there is a void, but it is unacceptable. In this void will swing some unknown force, and will have to fight them. Moreover, such destruction of a foreign power and foreign forces is the act on another's space, and this is intervention, and genocide. And here we have to restore order in our own space. This is the scope of the rune Thurisaz. We must understand that Thurisaz operates within the creative idea, within framework of established strategy. We now begin to create a system for the initial creative intent.

This is Will and Strength. This is absolute power. The rune does not recognize the conventions and restrictions. This is an absolute effect. There are no compromises, reflection and, most importantly, no further regulation. The impact is cast, and it can not stop, can not be changed, or send in a different direction. The rune is used in situations where there is no reasonable combination, positive cooperation of order and chaos, there are no further prospects. Order does not exist any more. There is a continuous chaos. Or is snowballing process of growing chaos, which clearly leads to the complete victory of chaos over order. So, there is chaos, and instead of chaos we need to create order. That is, what it was before should be destroyed. It should be destroyed, despite everything, without taking anything into account, without observing the adopted laws and regulations. Laws and regulations are formed by chaos, or already subjugated by chaos. These laws and regulations should be destroyed together with the chaos.

It should be noted that in permanent development these process of the development of order into chaos are constantly going (and that is why this rune is so important). First, we have chaos, which then we or someone turns into order. We construct a certain system with its own laws. But in the process of development there comes a moment when further development of the system or improving becomes impossible. The system is already beginning to represent not order, but its opposite - chaos. This system prevents further development. Therefore, the system should be replaced by a new system with new laws. Naturally, the old system is fiercely resistant and to make way for the new system we shall apply rune Thurisaz.

When speaking about clearing the chaos we have to understand that chaos - it is not anarchy. Anarchy - also a certain order, however, very specific. Chaos is the order of (possibly very good order), which became an obstacle to further progress and further development. And the new order shall replace the old one. For this new order must clear the way, to clear the territory. Of course, the new order is ready to do it itself, but this decision will not be optimal. The strength of the new order (force of Uruz) instead of starting to build and create (hard and powerfully) should deal with the old world (and often in not effective way). You just need to destroy and break the old world. That's why we use rune Thurisaz. Rune Thurisaz works as a resonator, destroying the object by entering chaos into it. This is a destructive impact. This is the main use of rune Thurisaz. But we must bear in mind that one must have the right to use this rune. Otherwise the rune will destroy the operator. We must understand that before we destroy the old world must have something that immediately fills the vacant seat. This is because nature abhors vacuum. And this is not just occasionally that in Futhark rune Thurisaz comes after Uruz.

And we always should remember about the rights and powers. This is a very important point. Do If someone who wants to use this rune has powers and authority to do it? Illegitimate use of the rune - is not the destruction of chaos, but conversely, an increase of chaos. And if someone who has employed the rune, did it, not having the right to, he becomes its victim. Someone called a force which would destroy him (literally and figuratively). One must always remember that.

We must also take into account the following aspects. Runa Thurisaz - is an impulse action. Impact of hammer. Runa Thurisaz - it is not resistance, no courage and ability to perform ones duty, no matter what. These qualities are given by rune Tiwaz. We will consider this rune later on. But now we have to mention it. Runa Tiwaz enables existance within any system, and for the sake of system whatever it is. Everything for the sake of Duty, all at the altar of the System. But rune Tiwaz, in turn, is unable to destroy or radically change the system, in which it operates. Runa Tiwaz - this steadfastness and courage, the ability to act exactly in the system, and to the benefit system, whatever it is. Runa Thurisaz - an expression of Will. Manifestation of will. Only unconditional Will is able to, destroying chaos, go against the system, against the law, which became a haven of chaos. And sometimes it can go against itself. Manifestation of the will is characterized by the fact that the use of runes Thurisaz - this is a serious risk. It has been mentioned on the legitimacy of the rune usage. Each application of the rune - is a risk, the risk of exceeding authority. For if the powers are exceeded, and then the rune turns against those who applied it. One needs a certain will to take such a risk, often fatal risk. Rune Tiwaz will let one to survive within this system, while ennobling her, but did not encroach on the sacred. Only rune Thurisaz can give the revolutionary changes that create a new system, the new law. But further, to develop a new system to strengthen the new law one needs bravely and courageously fight, and constantly and courageously work. This is the function of rune Tiwaz

So, rune Thurisaz gives impetus to build a new system operating under the new law. But this system, a system built on the basis of a new order must also be defended against attacks, to protect from chaos. Otherwise the system will simply not viable. Rune Tiwaz is working on the system, but is powerless against the chaos. For chaos hides in the most noble clothing, and dignity - is the foundation of rune Tiwaz. Rune Thurisaz provides unconditional protection. Whatever clothes chaos wears - it will be destroyed, despite all the pleas and cries. This is smashing force without any conditionality and rules. All is seared with a hot iron. Everything is in a powerful fist.

It is necessary to consider another aspect of the rune Thurisaz. Talking about the system of law, it should be noted that the rune Thurisaz – represents the law. This is Themis blindfolded. The law must be executed, regardless of the person and at any cost. You can not satisfy everyone, and to develop a concept acceptable to all, including the chaos. For this is the beginning of chaos. And the chaos must be destroyed. The law is severe, it can not be otherwise. Otherwise there will be chaos. At the same time, the law is fair. But this is particular justice. This is not the justice of rune Tiwaz, which takes into account of all interests, including the interests of the enemy. Here is another justice. It is justice for all, which corresponds to the laws of the system. To all this the law gives absolute protection and patronage. Everything that does not comply with laws of the system (something) lies outside the law and outside equity. If this is something that is not threatening and does not interfere with the System, it has the right to exist. If something hinders the system, it shall be ruthlessly destroyed. We must pay attention to an important moment. An attempt to destroy something which completely does not hinder the system - is the excess of the rights and powers. Moreover, all that remains of the old and is not harmful to the new system, and on the contrary, can bring benefit to the new system should be used in the new system. Thus, rune Thurisaz advocates a kind of keeper of the System. Rune Tiwaz acts as Servant of the System (resistance, masculinity, and most importantly, the daily, constant work and struggle for survival of the System).

By the way, if environmental catastrophe becomes global, and global chaos occurs, the system of the Planet will start the mechanism of the rune and human civilization will be swept away. There will be no exceptions and compromises.


We have already talked about the original creative intention - Fehu. Then we talked about the strength and energy to this plan - Uruz. We talked about how Uruz «fills" space. Then we talked about what we need to restore order in this space (which can rune Uruz not provide) - about the rune Thurisaz. And it seems we can move on. But we must now check out our creative design and execution of this creative idea. Check for compliance with the Will of Heaven, for compliance with the supreme law. Somebody may say - and why it can not be done from the very beginning? It can not be done. For it was the plan, but it is, so to speak, was a "concept paper". But on paper everything is running smoothly and well. And then we began to implement in a specific environment, having a specific power and energy. We tested the resistance of the environment, working with the resistance, overcame it. Restored order. And now there is an exam. Rune Ansuz. The project is approved or not. Of course, some adjustments there will be, some global settings, and so on. But, most important is if the draft approved. And if the project is approved, it will be possible to use new knowledge and vision of the project and, most importantly, get approved by direction of the project.

And then we fill our vision with Supreme spirituality. Rune Ansuz directs man's spiritual life, helping to establish contact with the gods and God. In the worldly sense rune Ansuz is a rune of communication, inspiration, learning and teaching. It is a spiritual realm. It is the way to the gods, to God, the way deep into themselves for self-knowledge from the standpoint of the divine. Rune gives blessing and assistance of the gods.


And now, after the divine approval, and filling with the Supreme spirituality, we must strictly follow the chosen and approved the strategy, approved creative plan. This is the Path. And nothing should stop the movement. This is the pure movement in accordance with the approved strategy. This is a Road. "The match should take place in any weather." Our creative concept is already inscribed in the Plans of Heaven. And the implementation of this plan can be viewed as a kind of our Purpose at this time.

The most important - is the fulfillment of one’s Mission, the Global Challenge, as concrete Destination, its Duty. This is one aspect. The second aspect - is personal development. Global task shall not be always considered as a constant and progressive movement. This Global task simply exists. But to perform it, a man must be ready for this. I.e. he must pass a certain path of development and movement. The third aspect is the activity. Here is a question of purely practical matters. I.e. activity in the worldly sense. Do not bustle of a fuss. We speak about specifically productive and progressive activities. Creativity is implemented in this activity. There will be no activity - will not be Creativity. Here man is likened to God as Creator. This is second aspect of the Global Objectives of a man. One side - is the fulfillment of God's intent and the second side - the personal Creativity, which will enrich the world with new knowledge.

Man is a global concept in the sense that he is a Spirit as a kind of cell in God. Each of the Spirits has their Way, their Global objection, as idea of God. Translated into specific physical body, we have a specific Global challenge of translating (as a kind of intermediate target for the Spirit). The translation should, on the one hand, perform the Global challenge of translating, on the other hand, to enrich the world with creativity. This is the predestination of man. The person who has not fulfilled his creative potential, not given to the world of new development, has not fulfilled its Destiny.

Movement in any direction not coinciding with the Global challenge brings people to the hardships and troubles. Such movement simply has no place in God's idea. Man will be constantly "thrown away" back to a certain milestone, from which his movement took on the wrong path. Likewise, if we do not adhere to the approved strategy for our original creative idea, we get a similar picture.

So, returning to the Runic Circle: Fehu - the original creative idea, the beginning, the initiation phase. Uruz is execution of plan, providing power and energy. Thurisaz is struggle with the former system, clearing the chaos with emergency actions, the construction of new system, the system of this creative idea. Ansuz is checking for truth. Raidho is strategy of development, a path, direction of motion. This is invariable strategy and movement without stopping. No doubt - only ahead!


Inner Light. This light illuminates the shape, makes the object visible and understandable to observer, brings the observer and object together. It is Cognition. We speak about knowledge in the earthly plane, in terms of embodiment. Everything what is known and studied could and should take concrete form, be embodied. Observer - is not just an observer, he is the operator of the process. Kenaz - not only light, as an element of cognition, but also the force that ensures the process of cognition and the ability to translate this knowledge. Fire - is energy. And it should be used. This is idea, which resulted in a material embodiment. Enthusiasm, ability to realize this idea.

We embarked on the path, the path of execution the creative design; we are not stopping the movement under any circumstances. And here we need light, a torch, lighting the road. We need knowledge, and this knowledge can implement the strategy.


This is rune of partnership, rune of equal exchange. True partnership can only be built on an equal exchange. The exchange can take place only when there is a polarization. In one subject, there is something and the other has something different. It makes no sense to share the same product or something very similar. A true partnership is based on mutual benefit. Do not idealize this partnership. If there is no mutually beneficial exchange - there is no partnership. Polarization. This is way out of balance, out of a certain harmony. This is disharmony. We get some money, some property, and somehow to specialize in this property. Thus, we get some value for someone who needs collaboration with these qualities, with these properties. Rune itself - is to ensure the polarization.

For the creative idea is not implemented in a certain vacuum, or in a certain mythical space. No one is going to put this plan into the system of an "aquarium". And we must be able to coexist with other systems, not only able, but also benefit from this coexistence. And most importantly - we need to create a partnership between all parts, the links created by the system. And do not forget the rule - the speed of the squadron is determined by speed of the slowest ship.


This is rune of joy and happiness. This is happiness to be complete. We must plunge into a new world and forget all the sorrows and sadness. All will go away, there will be nothing but the inner essence, which exists within us, but so deeply concealed.... The joy is boundless. Nothing can spoil it. But we must not forget that the joy must be earned. This is joy of a man who performed his duty. Joy must be earned - it is rest after hard work. It is one thing. The second point - is that this joy should not become an obstacle to further development. One shall not be captured by that joy and happiness.

Yes, it happened that our system exists! Everything works. And we need to get a well-deserved joy. Holiday. But we know that this is only a kind of recognition. Further work and Movement is yet to come, and we can not relax and stop. Plowman had plowed field and sowed the seed. A certain process is ended. However, there is no harvest yet. But a farmer was working, did everything right and got a deserved happiness after long labors.


But not everything and everyone will be able to "withdraw from the holiday. Some slept on their laurels, someone decided that the work is over, and decided to stay, but someone could not part with this great joy. This is regarding teamwork. But this also applies to any process, and relates to us personally. How did it happen that all or we ourselves were going so well, and now....? Now it is time to work on the bugs. It is time to get rid of the ballast from the inefficient parts of our system. And we can not afford to move at the speed of the slowest ship of our squadron. It’s time for rune Hagalaz!

This is rune of destruction. But this is not an absolute demolition. This is selective destruction. It destroys all the obsolete and what already has no right to life. It destroys what has already become an obstacle to further development. There goes purification. Shortcomings are eliminated. Crystal becomes clean. Naturally, this process is difficult to name pleasant, comfortable or happy. We remove the rotten tooth, and often without anesthesia. But this process is necessary. Otherwise we can not move on.

Rune Hagalaz can fix the available errors and sins. Imposing rune Hagalaz, we call the error correction or refinement of sin. It is clear that sooner or later will happen by itself. But, first, it can happen in a very inopportune moment. Secondly, sins and errors can accumulate, and this all can "explode" suddenly and in a moment. It will be very strong and global destruction.

In contrast to the rune Thurisaz (absolute, unconditional act according to our Will), using the rune Hagalaz, we just give some kind of an application for a particular process. If there are mistakes and sins - the process will be made. If there are no sins and errors, nothing harmful and outdated - the process will not be made.


But any destruction, especially destruction within oneself - it is a very painful process. And we have to act and operate in very tough circumstances. And one should be ready for such handling, to such actions. And one must be able to mobilize, and sometimes make himself and others to act in such circumstances.

Runa Nauthiz works for the survival instinct, the instinct for self-preservation. Rune gives strength in a critical situation in a critical state. And the rune provides an opportunity not only to survive in these conditions, but also develop in these conditions. This development goes over the obstacles and limitations. This is something that can turn these obstacles and restrictions for the benefit and use them in further development. While the need to act and develop in such conditions. Runa Tiwaz will help to gain stamina and courage, acting in such conditions, but can not convert weaknesses into strengths. Here is the field of rune Nauthiz. Rune teaches discipline, responsibility, the possibility to carry the heavy, monotonous, and often not always pleasant work, to live in the absence of freedom.


And again on the motion of a runic circle. Until then, we have considered rune Nauthiz – as obligatory function in harsh and difficult conditions after the structuring and purification rune Hagalaz. Now we need to consider very carefully the situation. For the next rune is rune Jera. Harvest. We will consistently, carefully and not hurrying the process, nurture the seedlings to eventually get a crop. There is a casual, STABLE operation. Naturally, no adjustments are possible. So we now need to withdraw from the process. We are carefully studying it and figure out all the tiniest details. Internal work. And the analysis of the whole process will give us the opportunity to begin to create. There will be rune Jera. That’s all. No changes, no correction there should be any more. We just have to stop exactly now and carefully examine all and make the necessary adjustments.

This is rune of ice. Runa of death. Freeze. Shackle. Ice is the element that symbolizes not changing solid material. But we must not forget that the ice - it is frozen water. This is dormant typhoon. At any moment, everything can melt and a torrent rush forward. We are talking about the death for this very moment. This is tactical death. It is not death, which will mark rune Eihwaz. We will consider this rune later on. Runa Eihwaz says about the final death. Yes, after this final death comes a new revival, but it will be a new revival in a different form. Rune Isa - is a clinical death. This is one aspect of the rune.

Another aspect of the rune suggests that nothing happens in vain. The ice can impede movement, to prevent the growth (and to cause death) and on the other hand maintain, crystallize spiritual and material. Stop motion. Ice. Shackle. But this does not mean the end of the movement. All is ahead. The ice will melt, and deep river will run massively ahead. In the meantime, there are certain internal processes. These processes allow you to identify and get rid of harmful which difficult to separate while vigorous activity. There is internal work. Rethinking of already lived through and understanding what lies ahead. But not yet. For now it is full stop. Ice. Immobility.


Rune of cyclic rotation. Seasons. Sowing and harvesting (reaping the fruits of one's labour). Loop circulation. Moreover, the cycle takes time. Do not be late. But do not be in a hurry. Everything must happen on time, at the right time. Ralph H. Blum, speaking of this rune, resembles an old parable about a farmer who, wishing to accelerate the growth of his crops got up at night and sipped shoots up. As a result, the crops died.

Another aspect of the rune is associated with a certain result, harvest, the reward for work. Rune teaches that reward should be earned, that the outcome should be obtained as the result of fruitful work, hard work. Rune points to the need for patience, teaches not to expect an immediate reward.

The third aspect of rune points to moderation. The result is needed not only at certain times, but in a certain amount. Redundancy can often act as a brake to further development.

So our creative idea implemented! Yield obtained.


The harvest obtained. And this is good! And now we can go cycle after cycle.... Absolutely not! We got the harvest. Process, the original creative idea is implemented. And it had ceased to be our Destination! That's it! Now we have to give birth to a new creative idea. And bear it right now, when the harvest was obtained, when all necessary resources are available. Moreover, these resources are even abundant. And we can use this surplus for the birth of a new one! That is what important now. But what is about the old? It’s a pity. We have done so much to create some system, and now.... No, do not destroy the system; the system still will serve us. But this system has already died. It died in the Plans of Heaven. It died to give birth to a new system, to give birth to a new creative idea. This is provided by rune Eihwaz.

This is rune of transformation. Rune of death. Rune Eihwaz - is changing of the situation itself. And this is radical change. "Plus" can change to the "minus" (death), and vice versa. Blooming kingdom in one moment can be destroyed. The emptiness and desolation. Tornado swept. Eihwaz - is this tornado. And on the dark ashes all of a sudden there are germs of new life. This is a new life, generously endowed with energy of Eihwaz, which makes a terrible place in a fragrant meadow. The death and reappearance.

Consider the difference between this rune and rune Isa. Rune Isa. Rune of ice. Rune of death. Freeze. Shackle. Ice is the element that symbolizes not changing solid material. But we must not forget that the ice is frozen water. This is dormant typhoon. At any moment, everything can melt and a torrent will rush forward. We are talking about the death for this very moment. This is tactical death. It is not death, which the rune Eihwaz marks. Rune Eihwaz speaks about the final death. Yes, after this final death comes a new revival, but it will be a new revival in a different form. Rune Isa is a clinical death. There is no global transformation; there will be no death and rebirth in a new form. All will remain unchanged just as long as everything is frozen. If Isa is a stop in the process, with the possibility of its renewal; according to Rune Eihwaz, the process should end, and revive in new form. Runa Eihwaz is not a stop. For the former no longer exists. The end. Death. And now there will be something new. Because it can not cease to exist. It is the main law. That is why the rune represents Yggdrasil – the World Tree. Continuity of the universe. Light and darkness. Life and death. One replaces the other and this is the continuity of the universe.

Likewise, the rune acts as a rune of protection, rather like the rune of active defense. We are radically changing the threat to something to something useful (an enemy is beating his own weapon). The minus sign is converted to a plus sign. Similarly an obstacle could become something helping further advance.


This is rune of revival, incarnation. Runa Eihwaz creates conditions for this revival. First and foremost, it gives energy to this revival. It takes energy from the old process (from the old system) and forwards it to the building of a new creative idea. A rune Perthro - is a revival, rebirth. This may be the revival in the material sphere. For example, it can be the incarnation of man. Something is being born, a new creative idea is being born. And now all eyes are on it. And the old system NUST work on this new creative idea.

Eihwaz is death of the old, and Perthro is a new conception. It is the process of conception and birth. We must now clearly understand that here we speak not about the process of de-jure, but the process of de-facto. There was a certain process. It gave the harvest - Jera, and now it may die to give birth to a new process. And the process is dying - Eihwaz, the death gives Conception - Perthro. But it's all in our understanding. The old process will still work, because it should provide everything for the process is borne, and the birth and formation of the baby happened. And yet the conception just took place. But. We are in a new process already. The new process is the most important for us. We can not pay attention to the old one. We were engaged in it a lot, and now the old process is already working on its own. He already died for us. The new process is only conceived, but we are already there.


But a new creative idea must be protected. And there is a need in the rune of protection. This is rune Algiz.

Rune of protection. Rune gives protection of certain System. The use of rune allows the individual to gain the patronage of System, to receive its protection. Now the person who attacks this individual, has to attack the System and violates its laws. This is one aspect.

The second aspect is that, having received the patronage of the System, you must comply with this System. Only in this way. This is not an empty formality. Compliance must be absolute and complete. You will have to say goodbye to everything which does not comply to the System.. Moreover, the System itself is already making the correction.

Here we should consider the distinct from the rune Nauthiz. Runa Algiz is a protection of System. However, we must comply with the System. Will you act within the frames of the System or not - this is not considered. The main demand is to meet the System. Rune Nauthiz does not require compliance with the System. It requires that you act, develop, and work. You shall work for the System, serve the System. Whatever is the System, and whatever strict conditions it creates.


And now we have to give energy to our new design. Sowilo. Power (energy) of the Sun. Radiant light. Solar heat. Under the streaming rays of the sun everything blooms, and strives for growth. This is the energy that supports life. This is energy needed for life. This is the first and main aspect of the runes.

Second aspect. Ralph H. Blum calls this self-actualization rune. This is what drives us to success, for fame, to a brilliant position. This is ecstatic ascent. But, of course, this movement is the movement of creativity and creation. This is Movement for the sake of Creation, and movement for the sake of fame - this is the way to the abyss. At the same time without success, creativity is something closed and deprived of further development. There is no Creation. This is a "thing in itself". The rune focuses on this. There should be creativity and should be well-deserved success.

The third aspect. The rune can destroy (burn) the harmful and outdated. It burns something that has no place (certain natural selection), it burns something that should be destroyed. Here it is like rune Hagalaz. The difference is that the rune Hagalaz corrects sins and mistakes, and rune Sowilo eliminates all what that hinders Creative Movement. For in the old system, not everything will be ready to die in time, giving the space a new, and now will try to destroy this new.

We return to the runic circle. Prior to that, we talked about rune Algiz. Protection of the System. And we are defending something that was conceived within the loop, inside our business, within our process (Perthro). It then becomes a new cycle. So, protection exists, the system has accepted this new. And we certainly are bringing this new in life. As a mother who, of course, loves her child. This is our Victory and Success. For the cycle was not fruitless. There was a new conception and this new to be. There is continuity. The banner will be transferred. This flag can now proudly be showed to the whole world. And then there will be a new formation, which will enable this new to become a new cycle.


And now we talk about rune Tiwaz, mentioned earlier.

Rune of Warrior. Courage. The power within the frames of Law. Rune includes four aspects.

The first aspect. This is rune of Warrior. This is the main aspect. Persistence, courage, willingness to sacrifice for the sake of duty. Ability to follow his path, despite the dangers, difficulties and hardships. This ability to achieve his objectives, the ability to fulfill his Global role, the ability to defend the system, whatever it may be.

The second aspect concerns the choice of method to achieve goals. If the rune Thurisaz - it is unconditional striving to reach goal when nothing is taken into account (clearing chaos under extreme circumstances, when the threat of the system exists, and sometimes the destruction of the system if the system has become a haven of chaos), the rune Tiwaz – means achieving of goal only by lawful, fair and correct methods. It acts within the law and within the system. And the main method here - it is personal courage and fortitude. Of course, there are situations when a courageous warrior, following a certain law, within certain systems does not succeed. He falls in battle (literally and figuratively), but his self-sacrifice does not bring victory. He simply can not succeed, because his system has outlived its usefulness. But he can not betray the system and change the system. Rune Tiwaz operates within a system under certain laws, and this system should be radically changed or destroyed. Here unconditional methods must be used. Here is the field of rune Thurisaz. Nothing is taken into account. "The law - it is me". This is the impulse of action. And so, the action is committed, the result obtained. There is an emerging System, with new laws. And then one has steadfastly and bravely go further, strictly complying with these new laws, developing a new system. And again rune Tiwaz comes to the foreground.

The third aspect - is the quality of fighter. This is ability to use force and the ability to have that power.

The fourth aspect is a battle with oneself. This is a battle with the ego. The rune can prevail over ego. Here we must clearly understand that the ego is very important and vital. But the Duty, the Global Task is more important than ego. Ego has to serve them, not vice versa. The rune can correctly put everything in its place.

Why this rune is so important now:

In the first place. We embodied the idea. And we have conceived a new. And here we have realized vision. For there in the idea was laid a new conception. But we need to bear the new, before the new can replace the old. We must educate the child. We must prepare the child, to teach him. And thus we ensure the replacement of the cycle. And then the goal is, the original plan would be fully achieved.

Secondly. Now more than ever we need to be ready for war and protection of the system. For one tree - this is not the forest. But when around the tree shoots begin to rise.... And now there will be just that. And there are not only we who can see it. And if one tree was "tolerated", now war is possible. And we must be prepared for the war and show it.


This is feminine rune. Rune of Mother. Rune, which allows all living things come into being. Growth. Sometimes imperceptible, but steady and is always positive. Soft, but a comprehensive action. If the rune Perthro is the conception of the object, then the rune Berkano is an opportunity of formation and growth of the object. Perthro is Conception. Berkano is bearing fruit and the growth of the fetus.

At tha same time there goes (continuing) laying of the necessary properties. In principle, they have already started to build, starting with rune Algiz - the ability to exist in the system. Sowilo - striving for success, to win. Note that the first system was highlighted, and then was given the desire to succeed and win. And then the rod is given, the essence - Tiwaz. It sends to the right track the energy of Sowilo. And now look what happens next. We should be able to walk not only forward but also backward. We do not need iron, we need steel - strong but flexible. We must not only be hard, but flexible, be able to empathize, to possess the properties of the rune Berkano.


We have already seen the impact of runes Tiwaz and Berkano. The courage, the ability to act, durability, ability to go forward. And the softness, the ability to withdraw, to retreat temporarily, flexibility. Pay attention - we are moving in a certain plane. And we can move not only forward but also backward. And now we learn the basics of riding. It's time for a horse! But, as I mentioned earlier, we moved, we ourselves moved. Likewise is now. WE Ride. A horse is an instrument. He is obedient, even the most playful, wild and unbroken horse, is absolutely obedient to the rider. The same thing happens if we do talk not about moving, but about operating in the world. It is not coincidence that this rune is associated with magic. This is ability to act outside the box, out of all the conventional rules and strategies. The rune helps to form the Intention and the use the force of Intention in all including magic actions. We become able to break, to destroy the walls (which are insurmountable to others.)


And now is the time of birth. Something appeared as a separate unit. In the case of a man – there appeared Ego of a born man. The child began to be a Person. Not so important is physical birth. The child's emergence as a man is important!

Ego - is one manifestation of Mannaz. A previous rune is rune Ehwaz. To penetrate the wall, be able to impose one’s will to the world. That's why this rune goes earlier in the Runic Circle. We must be prepared to ensure that the Ego could begin to operate in the world. Otherwise it just will not survive. Grains rise in untreated soil and die.

For a new creative idea - is means that idea is clothed in creativity. The idea has already become independent, it is not a concept. This is a full-fledged project in its development.

Mannaz is the rune of self-knowledge and intellect, and ego. Here we are moving away from the general and go inside ourself. We understand the world through ourselves. We project the world into ourselves and perceive it in according to our own inner laws, and in according to our own development. As a result, we find our place in this world and define our own capabilities. We find a place in the world for Creativity in this world.

Why? There is a Global objective, as the idea of God regarding a specific person. And you have to follow this Global challenge. But in addition to the Global objective there is Creativity. It is inseparable from the person. Here man is likened to the Creator, God. Creativity is what we bring into the world, enriching the world with our creation. Fulfilling the Global role, enriching the world with our creativity (combining the creativity of God and our personal creativity)we realize our Predestination.

After one got to know himself, defined his place in the world to realized himself as a creative person, a man can find the Divine Spark within himself. I.e. he can find some talent. Here we will refer to rune Kenaz. Innervate. Voice of the Heart. But then it is necessary to formulate this something, submit it in some form suitable for the world. I.e. realize one’s Talent in the world. This can be done through intelligence. This is the second quality of rune Mannaz. This is exactly intelligence, development of consciousness which allow the Inner Voice to resound in the world, to convey information to the world.

Of course, and not least is the fact that Creativity must be accepted in the world, and find its application in the world. This is Implementation of Creativity. This is the third aspect of the rune. It is characterized by the role of the Ego. We must be able not only to embody the idea, but make it work. And make the world accept this idea. Any, even the most brilliant idea should force it’s own way.

Everything is fine. But you can get carried away. You can soar to dizzying heights, inflating your Ego, and forget the Global mission. Like God (even in minutiae). Ego is very important, but also very dangerous. Here the reverse side of the rune Mannaz. Be careful! When these problems appear rune Tiwaz can help.


This is rune of water, especially running, moving water, and energy flow. Powerful energy flow. This power gives the energy of knowledge marching upward. This is the movement, the basis of which and whose goal is the exchange of energy. This is one aspect.

The second aspect is related to the exchange of information. This is force, which gives knowledge, coming from the bottom up. Intuition, subconscious information.

The third aspect is related to personal development. We have a powerful element, racing non-stop. And we have no less powerful flow of information coming out of the subconscious. And, often, the second thread initiates the first. In this second flow there is everything. Here there is important information, and instincts, phobias, and different habits, characterized by the persistent demands. Who will win? You either swiped away by the wave, or you'll be able to jump on this wave and rush on it to your purpose, overcoming distance and obstacles. Either instincts and habits twist you round or you'll be able to overcome and use them to move forward through the redistribution of energy. Here, you use energy, which has already committed to implement the aspirations of the subconscious (unconscious aspirations switch on the mechanism of energy release) for certain other purposes. If you do not know how to achieve success in the third aspect, the first and second aspect may not be attainable.

The same applies to the creative intention. And in general – to any process. That is the identity of that Person, the identity of Creative idea. Now this is a separate unit (Mannaz). And it must be able to survive in the environment, not as something childish, completely secure. We must be able to overcome fears, learn to get information from the subconscious, not afraid to operate in the environment, and be able to "ride the wave" and dash off on it!


Mannaz is the birth of the Person. Laguz - this person is able to survive in this world. But this person needs life energy. Ability to personally get this energy. Ingwaz – OK, the Person has the ability to feed himself. It is the life force, vitality, potency (ability to reproduce), fertility. If Uruz - is the physical strength and energy, then Ingwaz - a physiological strength and energy. Uruz - it is physics, and Ingwaz - is biology. This is vitality of all living beings. This is what distinguishes living matter from nonliving matter. Living matter, devoid of Ingwaz, ceases to be living matter.

If we return to the creative idea, it's fueling this creative idea, providing it with all necessary. Moreover, it is not "spoon-feeding" and "delivery on demand at first cry of the child” the creative idea is already self-administering the necessary resources.


Inheritance, heritage. It addresses two aspects. The first aspect - it is all that has been developed earlier. Former creative idea gave harvest; there was the result, the father of a new creative idea. And you have to use the achievements and accomplishments. With regard to personality – the rune has pronounced kind of family, a distinct social character. This is help of the family, genus. This is use of the experience of the family, clan experience, and their achievements.

The second aspect is the concordance of the interests of "fathers" and "children". The current creative idea must understand that he will soon have to "go away", and a new creative idea must understand to whom he owes the birth and formation.


Conclusion. Outcome. Osho teaches - to do, but do not be "maker." There is a movement. Perpetual Motion. But this is movement from one stage to another, from one milestone to another milestone. There is action. And the action involves the result. No result - the action is meaningless. Rune Dagaz - this is rune of the completion. The rune helps to achieve favorable, desired outcome, to carry out objective. This is rune of the Day and Light. A certain stage is ended and the holiday of completion came. All advantages and disadvantages of the work done become visible. But every holiday, every victory must be the beginning of a new phase. Rune Dagaz not only reminds us of this, but retains part of free power, energy for the next phase. This is a breakthrough in the next step, to new heights.

Our creative concept has already taken place. It ceases to exist as an idea. It may still exist for some time, but this is a "thing in itself, something that exists" for itself ". Now everything is subordinated to a new phase, phase of a new creative idea. And all the achievements of the former creative idea must be "poured" into this new phase ruled by a new creative idea. For rune Fehu is already visible. Everything begins again. Perpetual Motion.

We have considered all runes. We "passed" the whole Runic Circle. All of the above concerns ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the universe. All processes, everything happens by scenarios of the Runic Circle. And if we want, our creative idea, or a process to take place - we must "fit" it into Runic Circle. Then the process would be consistent with the Laws of the Universe. And the Laws of the Universe will help the process, rather than resist it.

    Runes and Runic World System

Oleg Shaposhnikov

Runes and Runic World System



Runic Circle

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